August 6, 2013

I'm off to Copenhagen today. Sitting at the Starbucks where I began my time in Amsterdam. I've had a whirlwind time. Margon was the same gentle, fun and adventurous person I remembered from New Zealand. I think I got here Friday evening... she came to the central station to pick me up, we had a relaxing cup of tea on her patio and when to sleep. The next day was the pride parade, it was lot's of fun. I've been so lucky on my trip- I was in Paris on the last day of the Tour du France and made the Pride Parade here.

I was on my own that day as Margon was working. I found a place to stand on a picnic blanket with some other ladies and we watched the parade. It was warm and busy. I left to walk around town about half way through. Margon and I met up at 630 and went out to the Red Light District and dinner across the bay where we, by chance, met up with her old friends. They were great fun. We stayed out until 4 in the morning!

The next day we tried to sleep in a bit. Just before noon I rented a bike and we spent the next 12 hours biking around Amsterdam. We went to a shopping district, the Amsterdam Marina, a beach, and a park to have a picnic supper.

It was an interesting day for me as I felt so tired from the night before. I can't tell if it was the tiredness or the coffee I had but I felt so overwhelmingly irritated. I was cursing in my head the amount of people there were in stores, just every little thing seemed to bother me.  We went to a cafe that was on a small beach just outside of the marina. I had an iced tea and fell asleep for maybe ten minutes. When I woke up, thankfully, my whole perspective changed. Thank goodness for naps. I knew that about myself from working morning shifts- if I don't get a nap my world outlook is so bleak. Important stuff.

Yesterday, Monday, was also Margon's day off. In the morning we went for a canal cruise, and in the afternoon we went to her home town, to a picturesque village with windmills and museums, then to the sea! It was a beautiful day- I fell asleep 3 times for 5 minutes each on a train and car rides, determined not to get tired like the day before.

We had chips on the beach, it reminded me so much of New Zealand. That North Sea water was so warm and lovely. So warm, so fun. I loved it.

Margon was such a great host. They all have been, my friends. They're playing Malian music in the Starbucks. All is well. I'm so excited to make my way towards home. One more week in Europe.

I don't know how I'm going to get around Quebec, I really want to rent a vehicle, but that will be super expensive, as I want to do so on Vancouver Island as well. Hmmm.

Here are some pictures of the past while.

wow. That was a lot of pictures.

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