August 2, 2013

It has been a rough day. If everyday travelling was like this- I think I would be bald by now. I know it has worked out perfectly in the end- or almost- but I feel muggy, tired, and a bit nauseous right now. The nauseousness is the worst as I don't usually feel this way. I think it was because of a cheese sandwich I ate- combined with sitting in a really awkward/ backwards position on a bus for a while. Ugh. Actually, another reason for it was probably the fact that I was really worried about how this day would turn out.

To get to Brussels I took a carpooling offer. It worked out great- the person was professional and on time- and had great reviews. Best of all it was cheap- and it went from a small Swiss town where I was, right into Brussels- where I was picked up.

I thought I would try it again going from Brussels to Amsterdam. Today I wasn't as lucky. Five minutes before leaving to meet this person to drive to Amsterdam with, I checked my email and he had cancelled the trip. Yay. I was flustered as I was planning on meeting my friend in Amsterdam at 4pm and now wasn't sure what would happen.

I could not have done this trip without the help of my friends here. Olivier was so great helping me. Him and his mom calmly talked about the options and looked for a Eurolines bus to Amsterdam. Olivier then called the bus company reserved me a spot and... long story short I was on my way.

The bus was 45 minutes late to leave and took a couple of hours longer than expected- but I'm just thankful and happy to be here in Amsterdam. I can tell I like the place and its people already.

I'm at a Starbucks regrouping. It's funny. I never go to Starbucks's in Canada. They're uppity and expensive. Though while travelling in Europe they are my saviours. Clean bathrooms, wifi access, food, (cold) water, and air conditioning. - Felling thankful for them too.

Crazy day- but it worked out all the same. Wee oof!

I bought this St.Christopher's pendant in Nanaimo last February with my dad. It's the third pendant I've had. I lost one in Mali, which was from New Zealand, bought another in New Zealand and, this is the current one. I like to think it brings me good karma. 

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