August 14, 2013

I saw Sarah and Sogoba today! It was so nice to see these two again. They were married 11 days ago now. I was pretty sad to have missed their wedding, but still so thankful to see them again. They seem to be doing really well. Together they made delicious crepes with maple syrup. We visited, caught up, and soon I was on my way again, though before I was Sarah made sure I was stalked up with a bunch of left overs- chicken dishes, rice, hamburgers and left over crepes. I am so lucky to have friends like these guys.

I fell asleep last night at ten pm and woke up today at 6. I was and am still feeling tired- especially now- but am loving the getting up early part of the reintegration! Montreal is just familiar enough that it has been easy to get around so far. Tonight I'm going to get my tickets for La Pocataire on Friday ( if I don't fall asleep first)! So excited to be in the country side once again and see friends there!

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