August 10, 2013

Ahh, things are so much nicer now that I'm staying with Nina. It's just really great to have someone to follow around, show you new things, and who understands what it's like to travel for longer periods of time. When I met Nina she was on a 5 month trip around the world! It was so nice to catch up with her.

I had been in Copenhagen for about three days and didn't see much of it at all. Today we took bikes and rode about 20kms around the city- to the beach- the ├śresund, Christiania- an interesting town within a town with no laws, kind of like a permanent, crazy musical festival sight, we saw the city centre with the parliament building and famous museums, old streets and canals... there's so much to see.

Last night we stayed out until the sun came up. We biked home from being at a pub for most of the night at 6am. Apparently it's what the locals do. It was cool to see kebab shops still open early in the morning, selling food to young people who had been out all night. Hopefully this could be the start of my reintegration into Canada's time zones...

The people we met at the pub were all very nice. In Amsterdam and Copenhagen especially I've been so surprised at the huge number of people that are around my age. Sometimes I wonder "where have all the young people gone" while in Rupert, well, there here! So diverse, fashionable, and fun. Then again, I have fun with friends of all ages so it doesn't matter to me- it's just interesting to see!

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