More of Paris.

It's strange not to be posting these pictures on Facebook. But I am not, not going to upload them twice in two different locations. Not going to. No. No.

For me Paris did live up to a few stereotypes that I'd heard of over the years. There were numerous places that smelled of urine. There were lots of smokers. I did find myself wondering "why French women don't get fat". To name a few. In all though I found Paris to be a city that could be so different for so many people. I could have gone to Africa- but instead went to a market with Adrien. I thought Vancouver was a multicultural city but Paris is something else. So many different worlds in one place. One could spend a lifetime here and not see it all. After 3 days, though, it was enough for me, for now. I'd try to come back in autumn.

I went into a Louis Vuitton store- but was still happy with my own fold up bag- so no big purchases there.

The day I was doing all the touristy things also happened to be the last day for the Tour du(?) France. It was fairly busy- okay, it was hectic- but still cool to be there. Though it meant that getting to a few places was challenging or impossible- high security and blocked off roads.

Back to Paris.

This-a movie advertisement in a metro station- is precisely how I feel when I get lost in transit. It happened a couple of times- only minor mistakes. I can tell I'm getting better and faster at learning new cities transit systems!

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