July 28, 2013

What a wonderful day. Last night we did indeed have a swim and picnic with Vincent's friends and family. The night air was so refreshing compared to earlier in the day.

Today Chloe, Tate and myself biked around Lac D'Annecy. A runner told us it was 45kms, but it didn't feel that long to me- although it took us more than 3 hours. It was so great to get some exercise- work off all the french bread I've been having since arriving- and to see all the beautiful homes, landscapes, nature, and swimming spots! Lac D'Annecy is the warmest and one of the biggest lakes I've ever swam in. Thumbs up!

We rested at the beach afterwards, compared sunburns, biked back to Vincent's place, ate, headed out to a pub, watched musicians, and headed home. Tomorrow were going to Geneva and I'll stay with Chloe at her Swiss home until I head up to Belgium- hopefully this Wednesday. It is so perfect how everything is working out. I can't believe it. The things I get most nervous about are usually the best. Usually.

My poor skin...

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