July 25, 2013

It was a reflective day...  

 Firstly I went back to the pool to see if my bathing suit was there. It had been found but then thrown in the garbage. Hmmph. I did a few more errands getting ready for the last part of my trip. I went to a mall- bought a new bathing suit and towel. I also tried on rain jackets and sweaters for a rather long time- it was a hot day- I was missing crisp, moist air. 

I bought my train ticket to Annecy for tomorrow- all of my roommates are heading out as well. There's a super nice girl named Sophia from South Korea. I was so impressed with her tonight. She showed me a book- a real book- 200 pages- of her itineraries, directions, plans and bookings for her trip. It was the only way her parents would let her go on her own. If only I was capable of doing research like that! Our trips have been fairly similar so far though with places seen and places to go- she will spend more time in central Europe than I. We've both been travelling for 25 days too! I was doing some math earlier. 

So, that's about it for today- Thanks Lyon! 

Oh yeah- there was this funny guy in front of a church today- he gave me a good chuckle. I also got a pedicure today at the mall- it was my first one ever. It was expensive and not the most professional- but my nails look good and I would do it again. This is what happens when I get tired in big cities.

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