July 23, 2013

And now Lyon.

I needed a break. After 2 big cities I needed to get out... so I go to Lyon?? Another hot, big city? Ah, it has been great so far. I've found great internet- something that is surprisingly difficult here- it brings be back home. The hostel didn't have great reviews but I've loved the atmosphere here so far. A great view of Lyon, and super cool people. I have yet to venture out much, but will get there.

It's just been great to be able to relax, do laundry, go online, communicate, have long showers and regroup before the last stretch of my Europe trip begins. Annecy, Belgium, Amsterdam, Denmark, Stockholm, then Canada.

I also really needed a few days to do this- get caught up online and plan/ book the rest of my trip! I thought at first I booked too much time here, but I see now it will be perfect.

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