July 19, 2013

Again, it's still the 23rd- I'm just catching up. On the 19th I took a bus/ boat from London to Paris. Pairs was something else. I stayed with my friend Adrien. He was a great help. We caught up from our Canada World Youth days and he took me around to many different areas.We went to a ballet put on my the national ballet of Vienna- he also made the 2 types of tea we would often have in Mali, played Malian music, and tried to teach me a few more things of Spanish guitar. I spent a day on my own seeing the main tourist attractions that Paris.

Again I found these two cities- perhaps because I saw them one right after the other- to be so big and hot- I'm glad I saw them and can cross them off my list- but if/ when I come back to Europe I'll be sure to see more of the countryside- like I did in Sweden- to even it all out! Perhaps by a small camper bus...

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