July 15, 2013

It's not actually July 15th... it's the 23rd! I'm in Lyon right now- relaxing.

July 15th I left Sweden and flew to London Stansted, where my friend, I met from New Zealand, met me at the airport and hosted me at her home in Essex. It was a beautiful time. After one night at her place she drove me into London where I stayed a few more days at a hostel right next to Hyde Park- and Kensington Palace!

I walked around and saw most of the main tourist attractions. One thing that was really special for me was going to Princess Diana's Memorial Fountain. It brought tears to my eyes, I suppose she was a childhood idol. I went on a few tours as well, and to a Kiwi Reggae concert with a Finish girl I met at the hostel- she was lot's of fun- we'd both used the same tour company to see a bit of New Zealand.

It's so hot right now here in Lyon- I've been sweating since I left Sweden. I don't feel like doing much today- also I have a cold. I'm leaving Lyon Friday morning hopefully- so I have lots of time to see some of it. There are great people in my room right now, 2 from Russia, one from Switzerland, and one from Quebec.

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