Here are a few songs that have been going through my head the last couple of months-

-Reckoning Song Remix- One Day- Asaf Avidan

-Young and Beautiful- Lana Del Rey

-Time to Smile- Xavier Rudd and Izintaba

Am not so sure about the music videos- but the songs are good!

This one has also been in my head as there have been lots of Australians in the hostel I'm staying at. One girl, Louise, served John Butler at a restaurant, though said he wasn't the friendliest that time... we also had a good catch up on Pineapple Lumps- Yum! These Australians got me out of the hostel- Louise took me out to find fresh food, and we made pasta, then a group of us went to an Irish pub and exploring around town to find the view at a cathedral that overlooks Lyon- we found the church but not the view... Great people.

-Ocean- John Butler Trio

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