We just bought a new living room furniture set- exciting times!

The last week has been a good one for me. I saw my friend Betty, worked a swim meet, and had a jam packed weekend Monday and Tuesday!

Friday, I went to a boldering party- my first Outdoor PR event- it was lots of fun and there were great people there too! It was really nice to be in an atmosphere with like minded people. Saturday involved going to work and attending a Chilliwack concert afterwards- my sister and I got up to dance for My Girl. On Sunday after work I went to a house warming party for a friend named Morgan and a going away party for a friend named Annie. Annie blogs and takes pictures sometimes- she is an inspiration to me through her lifestyle, stories, and her skills around photography and blogging. Before she leaves I hope to get a few more bits of advice from her.

On Monday- I forget what I did... I don't think I did much- just had a relaxing day.
Tuesday- I went to a beautiful waterfall with two friends. It has been a place I've wanted to see for years. I'm so happy I got to see it, thankful for my friends who drove me, and hope to go back on a sunny day someday soon! A beautiful spot. Right when I got back my brothers flight had gotten into town- so my family met at the Oceanview to welcome him back over Boston chowder.

Finally that evening I went to a potluck at a friends place, we ate and played lots of music- t'was a grand time.

Here are some photos from the waterfall hike. So lucky, so thankful.

These days, I'm taking life slowly, trying to save energy for my trip, organize it, hang out with family, and get ready for seafest dancing!


A large warehouse caught fire yesterday- this was the view from our place.

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