Jasper's family- 

Currently, I feel frazzled with plans after Sweden. I hope to get some names and places to see from my old relatives from Jan Lemon- run around and try to find them. Sweden just seems easy- I'll be travelling with family the whole time. Breathe. 

There's a lot of really cool possibilities for my family around here this summer and I already feel I'm missing out. Maybe it would have been better if I had just done the two weeks in Sweden- and that would be it. Nah- even writing that it doesn't feel satisfactory. Next year though hopefully I'll stick around here. I'm already dreaming of Asia in January we'll see how it goes. Anyway- this is my late night mind- the time it's most active. 

I had no energy after work today. At all. I'm having troubles concentrating there and pretty much everywhere else in my life these days. I just need to get on the move. Breathe. 

It will all work out. I just have to remember what Trish would say- "it'll be fine." 

I don't want to be a traveler with every single detail planned out- then again I want to be considerate to the people I'm hoping to visit and not make them stressed out by my crazy planning ways. 

But my friends have been great. 

Here's a picture from a family portrait I tried to get a little while ago before my brother left town. These things can be tricky sometimes. Jasper. 

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