Here's a bit of what I've been up to recently- there's ten more days until I leave and it's getting down to panic time- it's what I wanted- it's what I wanted. 

Last week I had a randomly busy Wednesday. I went to a going away party for a dear friend, then went across the street to a welcome home party for another. I also went and sang karaoke for the first time- I was pretty tired the next day at work. I was surrounded by great people the entire night- it was grand. 

This last Monday and Tuesday I went on a wonderful overnight trip to a cabin in the woods. I've always wanted to see this place. It's more of a hidden place so I felt honoured to have been shown it. It reminded me so much of a scene from Harry Potter. The dark woods still scare me a bit! 

It was peaceful and fun, adventurous and awakening ( I need to work on my bush-woman skills!) 

A yes- before all this Leo and I tried out our rock climbing skills- how did he get so good at it!! 

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