Something really cool happened to me today. Something that hasn't in a while. 

This morning my dad called to ask if I wanted to go for coffee. I said yes and he came down to my house soon afterwards. Before we went for coffee we headed down to the dock as he needed my help dropping off some papers for a friend, at a boat. 

I was to take the papers down the dock and find a person.

I've lived in Rupert my whole life and there aren't many places in town I haven't explored. I had not, however, ever been to this specific dock- so it was exciting- I love docks.  

I went down, passing staring cannery workers, stepping over ropes and pipes, and found the boat. 

The boat was much bigger than most I've had contact with. I had to look up quite high to talk to the smoking deckhands on board. I asked if they knew of this person. I was fairly nervous at this point- I felt I was out of place, somewhere I wasn't meant to be, or invited. I forgot to introduce myself. 

They didn't say anything, but pointed inside the cabin. I, stayed put and said I had papers for the man. One deckhand came down and took the papers. The man I was searching for eventually came out to see what all the fuss was about. Again, I was nervous and began stumbling over words. I remember looking back to my dad, realizing he was too far away to answer any questions. I repeated myself, explaining I was dropping off papers, not exactly sure what they were for. At first he looked at me like he had not the slightest clue as to what I was trying to talk about, then all of a sudden it made sense. He smiled. He said to wait just a second; he had some fish for my dad. 

( I found this photo online)

As he went back in the boat to get the fish, I took a moment to look around. I looked from the big boat, where the two deckhands were, to the view off the dock I had never been before. I then got this familiar serge of energy. This energy takes my breath away and makes me smile uncontrollably. An energy that stems from being in an environment that one loves, respects, admires, and longs for. A place, environment, or situation that appears so majestic; how could one be worthy enough of being there. Ok, maybe I need a reality check- fishing boats- majestic? Huh?


It's what I love.

I was reminded of that today. I was reminded of being in an environment where girls are scarce. Where actions take skill, life is outdoors, physical and raw. As a teenager I had numerous tastes of lifestyles as such. This energy would wash over me then as it did today. I thought it had gone. I thought that passion had gone.

It was great to find it again today, to know it can still be found. I don't exactly know how to pursue it- but it will be on my mind these next few months.


It also made me think of these guys working on boats. How one day if I ever get married- it would be convenient if it were to a guy as such. I am much more attracted to a guy in paint stained sweats and a plaid shirt than one with matching white socks and expensive, designer clothing. Hopefully I might find a guy who says the same thing about girls...

Anyways, that was an exciting bit of my day-

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