Vancouver- things are going well- my room mate is not an addict after all- she's very friendly and interesting- so friendly- I have two new room mates and am getting to know more great people at the hostel- last night I thought was going to be my last night in Vancouver so, frantically, I saw as many people I could-

Melanie, Mike, Leo+ Paige!!, Sarah+ Jonathan+ Astrid+ Camille, Mica, and Jan! Holey Smokes- in one night I saw so many people from different friend groups- my friends are so inclusive!!

Feeling thankful for them today- we're staying here another night- which is great by me- I have a cold so am taking things slow and easy- going to try and find a wheel chair, see a friend or two, and take more pictures!

- I wish I had taken more last night-

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