Welcome to what I hope to someday be currentlyocean.com! My name is Ocean.

I am a big fan of blogs, reading about other peoples adventures and being inspired through them. I also think it's one of the most effective ways of "scrapbooking" these days- as I don't have the drive to develop pictures like my mom once did.

My hope for this blog is that it progresses. I hope that I can update it with nice pictures and stories to look back on. These last few years I have had issues with feeling restless easily; I hope that this can document my everyday life as well as exciting travel times ahead. It seems more personal and secure than facebook somehow. I've been using facebook as a blog type page for a while now. I also like the idea of having more control over page layouts, etc.

Currently. I am a lifeguard in a small coastal town in British Columbia, Canada. Prior to graduating high school I had not been outside of Alberta. In the 3 years that followed I managed to set foot on 4 continents! Travelling to Mali, US, Bolivia, New Zealand, also landing ( or setting foot for a few hours) in Burkina Faso and France.

I love stating my travel experiences like that. The travelling I've done has been wonderful- but the more I do- the more I want to do. And of course the years since high school have had their down times as well. This fall my goal was to stay home, work and save money. I have a dream of one day owning a sailboat to live on. Learning to save and actually doing it is important to me. I don't want to only be capable of short travel trips. I dream of making it a lifestyle- a part time one at least.

This summer I have the opportunity of going to Sweden with my Aunt. This will solidify my 4 continents- in 4 years! Right now I am waiting on approval for the time off. I am trying for 3 months. If it works out I will try to see a bit more than Sweden.

Currently I don't have any aspirations of going to university- though if money weren't an issue I would try a few courses here and there, I'm sure.
Currently I live in a northern town, so am getting excited that the days are getting longer.
Currently I don't get outside enough- in nature.
Currently it is easy for me to be a bit of a hermit.
Currently I am waiting, dreaming, reflecting and exploring.
Currently I am 21.
Currently I am Ocean.


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