The following is a bit I posted on Facebook yesterday- I am going to slowly work on transferring old posts and pictures onto this site. I hope I keep with it. It was $10 to get the site registered as a .com- but from what I understand it's $50 a year after that- is it worth it. Still thinking about it. Right now I like facebook because I know the audience- and it's easier to tell when people have seen what I post.

At work. On break. Someone just asked me what I've been up to recently- I couldn't tell him. I can't remember. This sleep stuff is getting to me- affecting my memory and all different aspects of life. Scary. But I can do it. Hopefully. 545- 215pm today.

Facebook Post:  Ok. Here's the thing. My thing. I often spend more time on facebook than intentionally spending time with friends and family. Ok- not often- but always. (Unless I am away travelling)

I was listening to an interview today about my generations relationship with technology. I fall completely in the norm when it comes to this. I don't have an iphone, instagram, or twitter- but I do have a basic phone plan and a 5 year old mini laptop- with access to Facebook, blogs and gmail- which is enough.

 I like these sites because it lets me keep in contact with my friends and family- most of whom live 1000+kms from where I live.

Though- it does give me a disconnect from my physical/ current world. I am just starting to wonder how this is working with my life. I love facebook- I love posting and looking at pictures. What would I be, what would I have without them- they are such a concrete path to my memories. I have a friend who has never had a digital camera or Facebook account. ( well I'm sure much of the world has had never had them too) But it boggles my mind that she doesn't value them as much as I do- at all even.

I wonder what my generation is missing. My Westernized generation. Will we go to daces once a week like my grandparents do? Instead of waltzing or doing the polka we could jump up and down, grind, or do the gangdam style ( ?) dance? What will socializing be like when we're elderly?

I find it awkward to phone people. Am I supposed to message them first before phoning- is it invasive if you just call or show up at someones house out of the blue?

Wow I am an awkward person. And even more so with the fast changes in ways we communicate with each other. I will defs be an old person who complains about not understanding technology when I'm older. But maybe that's a good thing. Maybe I'll have beaten my awkwardness by then- impose myself on others and have a good old fashioned social life.

Part of my new years resolution is to show up at peoples homes, call before making a "date" to do so, write letters, go to concerts instead of listening to a cd player or ipod, and a few other things I haven't thought of yet. To be old fashioned.

 Thank you very much Facebook.

 ( ugh. I'm going to start talking to it as if it's a real thing!)



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