Once again the weekend passed too quickly. I didn't get half of the things I should have done, done. Nonetheless, I've had quite the social life this last week and it seems to be continuing- and with fewer double and triple bookings!

At work right now ( on a break) I am soooo tired. Did not get enough sleep at all last night. It's funny how my perception of sleep can change in a day- from the best thing ever in the morning to something wasteful and boring at night time?? Right now I crave it and need it to stay sane. Will nap after work. 

Today I am going to yoga then Betty's. Should be a good one. I want to wear nice clothes and be awake. 

On Saturday I went to work out with friends- I don't do dry land training much. It was fun and I am sooo sore- I hope to do it again. It should be a good combo with the running club for the spring- should look half decent if I make it to Europe in July! *fingers crossed. 

Sunday I relaxed, made the family dinner with salmon- Lemon cream sauce- and went to the Life of Pi with a friend. T'was short but good. 

Here are some photos of the dinner- I had wanted a traditional style meal but my dad wouldn't stand for it. Poor dad. Poor dad.

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