I have been experimenting a bit more than usual with my camera as I am currently taking a photography course- it has me thinking! 

I went skiing today with old family friends. The weather wasn't the best and neither was the snow condition, nonetheless, I had a great time. There were lots of folks Jennifer and I knew and, yep, t'was grand. Though my knee continues to bother me. My excuse this week ( 2nd trip out this season) is that my skies were too long- last time my boots were too big- so painful. Hopefully the 3rd time up will be sunny weather and working equipment all around. I also hope it will be the last time up for me- kind of- I am not a die hard skier - but I do enjoy it. Though it is sooooooo expensive, I am quite against it. Yikes. 

These days I'm thinking of Mali, money, courses, my room, organizing, work, skiing, boats, my brother, my family, pictures, blogs, travel, time off, etc. 


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